1.      I am at the Rough River Weavers Retreat in Western Kentucky. There are about 110 weavers here.

         Kathy and I have been very busy lately. We recently taught and vended at the Georgia Convention just a week ago. I want to take a moment to thank my Georgian students for partaking in my basket classes.

         This evening I will teach the Bushwhacker Mini Friendship basket for the first time. I am a bit nervous about the time it will take to finish the class. Tomorrow will be the Shaker Mt Lebanon Carrier with Cherry Rims and handle. Saturday I will be teaching the Falmouth with Carpathian Elm Burl Lid.

         Next stop is NCBA's “The Woven Journey” for teaching and vending. I'll be teaching the Bushwhacker Friendship basket, Mt Lebanon Carrier in Cherry and my favorite, the Sweetheart Picnic basket. Only a week to prepare for this one! We are looking forward to being back in Tennessee for a few weeks.

         Back in Hohenwald Tennessee crocuses are up and it seems spring has come. The birds have been a delight to Kathy and I all winter long. At the shop the remodel is done and we are running in some semblance of normalcy. We still haven't found out where our “stuff” is. Half the boxes still haven't been gone through.

  2. Becoming Tennesseans

    I know a lot of you have heard the scuttlebutt of Kathy and I moving to Tennessee.  Well, we have done it!  We are now residents of Hohenwald, TN.  The most asked question is, “Why Tennessee?”  and certainly, “Why Hohenwald?”.  It all starts when we realized that there is no chance of retiring in New Hampshire from a financial standpoint.  Everything is more difficult and more expensive living there.  Property taxes and the hard winter weather are the biggest factors.  The freedom to live as you please here is one of the major reasons for wanting rural Tennessee.

    Several years ago we became aware of the tax structure in TN.  The far majority of taxes is collected from a sales tax.  At retirement age we have very little need to purchase for our lifestyle.  In fact we want to cut back on the size of our home and the need for income.  The weather in TN is ideal for us.  We spent several years traveling here at different seasons.  All in all Tennessee was a no-brainer.  Hohenwald, local people asked us, “Why on Earth did you move to Hohenwald?”  With our mail order business we could have gone anywhere in America.  We travel with our own income.  Tennessee, however, is centrally located to the places I travel to teach. 

    It seems that most people move to Eastern Tennessee near the mountains and the population.  It being the fastest growing part of Tennessee it was just what Kathy and I want to escape.  We searched TN for water we could own and Hohenwald eventually floated to the top.  Real estate is affordable.  The lifestyle is slower.  The people are friendly.  The topography is that of Southern New Hampshire, not too flat but hilly.  It is more logging country than farming.  The town is the county seat which means it has some stability to its economic base.  There is a clear sense of entrepreneurship.  Small businesses are everywhere.  People seem satisfied to work hard for a living.  Getting rich is not on the minds of most people.  Sports seem to be the entertainment pastime.  Of course I was thrilled to find that there was a racetrack in town and cars as powerful as mine doing frightful things.  We found the water we were looking for.  Five ponds on eleven acres.  Our decision was made.

    Moving In

    We expected to build at the 5 ponds so we looked for costs to build a home and our business location.    We became aware of the vacant stores in town and decided to purchase one and refurbish it rather than build on our property.  With the prospect of building at a time when we should be retiring we decided that maybe we should purchase if we saw the perfect walk-in home.  Then of course we found it!  A small house on a perfectly groomed 3 acres with a fish pond in the back and a  large garage beside it.  It took us about 12 hours before we purchased it.  We moved in the first of this year and started rebuilding our shop.  The shop is now 95% completed.  We have a little basket shop and showroom in the front and a warehouse and shipping in the back.  We have moved most of our inventory here which filled a railroad car and u-haul truck.  Now we have only to go back to New Hampshire and move my woodshop and all our personal property.  We are taking our time with the front, planning on opening in June.  And so here we are. 



    Nathan Taylor's Basketshop News

    Welcome to the New News!

    As many of our customers may remember, the Basketshop published a timely newsletter.  Here we told you about the new baskets and parts, what was going on at the shop and other News-y items.  Not one to be left behind the current technology I've started the Basketshop News once again, in Blog form!  I can post things to this, our new blog and you can view them nearly instantainiously!  Isn't technology great?!




Nathan Taylor Baskets brings you the highest quality Nantucket baskets at truly affordable prices. 

Nathan Taylor designs Nantucket baskets with only you in mind.  Nantucket baskets by Nathan Taylor have been sold wordwide for years now.  His designs grace the most elegant of tables. They are produced overseas to bring the costs down.

Many of our baskets have cherrywood handles and rims which beautifully compliment the lighter cane of the basket.  Shown here is one of Nathan's most popular sets.  

Nathan Taylor Baskets is still making baskets using the same methods that were implemented on the Nantucket Lightship.

Signature Cherrywood Baskets

Signature Cherrywood Baskets

Signature Cherrywood Baskets
3" Cherrywood5" Cherrywood7" CherrywoodGrooved Base Detail
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These signature baskets have beautifully grooved bases with a hand carved bone base plug.

Small (3") - 3” Diameter x 2-1/4” High
Medium (5") - 5” Diameter x 3-1/2” High
Large (7") - 7” Diameter x 4-1/4” High
Another popular set

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